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Thanks for visiting the Kitsap County DUI Impact Panel Website!

If you want to REGISTER please go to Registration - Schedule & Cost page and send an email to with the requested information.

We are a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. The corporation is organized exclusively for the purpose of educating adult and youth DUI offenders and the general public regarding the impacts of driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substance causing impairment; reforming offenders through awareness; preventing adults and youth from making dangerous choices; supporting those impacted by individuals driving under the influence; helping to reduce DUI offenses, and promoting healing in the panelists who participate.

We conduct DUI Impact Panels on a regular basis. Our attendees include adults and youth mandated by the courts and/or referred by their attorneys to attend a dui victim's impact panel. These referrals are many times due to an infraction for driving under the influence, drunk driving or as part of a diversion program. Other attendees are those interested in learning more about the impacts of driving under the influence and those who support their children, friends or family members dealing with the impacts of drugs and or alcohol.

We also conduct special presentations on military bases, to schools, and other businesses upon request. Our hope is to continue to change and save lives through the impact of our stories.

Our panel members have been dedicated to making a difference by sharing their stories and helping to increase awareness of the impacts of driving under the influence for over 30 years.

Panel members include individuals who have themselves been impacted by their own bad choices or the bad choices of others resulting in loss of family, injury to others, injury to self, destruction of lives, loss of jobs, and incarceration.

We invite you to visit an upcoming panel or contact us to arrange for presentation to your business or organization and above all, please remember to:

Drive Safe - Drive Sober

Special Dedication:

I dedicate this corporation and the good that comes from it's formation and purpose to the memory of my parents Frank & Emilia Torrez, my son Michael Torrez, my daughter Gina Marquez, my wife Gayle Robbins, my grandchildren and all my friends and family members who suffered through my turbulent years of addiction.

Miracles do happen. Love and thanks to all of you.

Ron Torrez

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