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Registration - Schedule & Cost

Regularly scheduled DUI Panels are held the second Tuesday and Fourth Tuesdays of each month. Pre-registration is required no later than the Saturday before the date of the panel. 

We are currently conducting court approved panels through Zoom.  

Upon successful completion of the panel we will submit verification of your attendance directly to the Court, you and your attorney. 


To REGISTER send us an email from your email providing us all the information 1-9 listed below.   Our email address is 

1) Full legal name

2) Email address

3) Phone Number

4) Date of Birth

5) Name of Court case has been filed in

6) Case Number 

7) Name and Email of Attorney (If you do not provide an email for your attorney we will send confirmation only to you and the Court)

8) Let us know in your email the date you would like to attend

9) How you will be paying your registration fee.  Options are VENMO, CASH APP or MONEY ORDER which must be received two days prior to the date of panel.  If paying by VENMO or CASH APP please include your VENMO or CASH ID so we can send you a payment request.  

If paying through VENMO or CASH APP let us know and we will send you a request for the $40.00 payment.  If paying by money order it should be made out to Kitsap County DUI Impact Panel and be sent to PO Box 27, Tahuya, WA 98588.  Be sure to put your name on the money order so we know who it is from.  Payment must be received prior to the Sunday before the panel on Tuesday.   If payment has been received, on the Sunday prior to the date of your panel we will send you an email with the Zoom login information to be used the night of the panel you have registered for.

After you have attended the panel, within two days, we will notify the court directly that you have completed your requirement to attend a DUI Impact Panel and send copy to you and your attorney if you have provided your attorney's email address.


(360) 731-5139 or (360) 710-7006 

Stay Safe - Make Good Choices

THERE ARE CURRENTLY NO LIVE PANELS being offered. On-line panels via ZOOM are available on the following dates:


2024 Schedule:

April 9 or 23, 2024

May 14 or 28, 2024

June 11 or 25, 2024

July 9 or 23, 2024

August 13 or 27, 2024

September 10 or 24, 2024

October 8 or 22, 2024

November 12 or 26, 2024

December 10 or 26, 2024

Time: Panel begins promptly at 6:30 pm (please be logged in by 6:25 pm. Panel will end at approximately 8:15 pm



Cost: $40.00 to be PAID VIA VENMO, CASH APP or MONEY ORDER must be received two days prior to date of panel. Once we receive your registration information we will forward you a request for payment through VENMO or CASH APP. If you are paying with a money order it must be received by us two days prior to the date of the panel. It can be sent to Kitsap County DUI Impact Panel, PO Box 27, Tahuya, WA 98588. Be sure to include your name and date of panel you are attending.

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